Gun Safes - Pistol Safes
Gun safes come in many sizes and shapes, if you are looking for the right gun safe, try these top brands of gun safes.

American Security (AMSEC) Gun Safes
The American Security Company has been manufacturing gun safes since 1948. A well trusted brand of gun safe they make it all, form large to small. A wide selection of safes that are also fire resistant. Many would fit nicely in a closet or storage area. They claim to produce over 60,000 safes per year, which is a lot. They make safes that are designed for pistols as well.

BARSKA Biometric Safes
A manufacturer of biometric safes for those with guns. They make large rifle cases and smaller cases for handgun owners. Owners report that the biometric scanners work well on Barska safes. The rifle safe is fairly well made and a good safe for the price. The biometrics support up to 120 different users (i have no idea why you would need that many) but if you have a large family or shooting club, then it will certainly be sufficient. Recommend that you anchor the safe to a wall or the floor, comes with pre-drilled anchor points.

Browning Gun Safes

Cannon Gun Safes

GunVault Safes

Liberty Safes
Specialize in large, heavy safes made for multiple guns. If you are looking to store multiple guns, or have a large collection this might be a good brand for you. The 24 flex gun safe can be had for around $1,200. Made in the U.S.A. so that is a plus for this one.

Mesa Gun Safes

Scout Products
makes nice wood gun cabinets and display cases to store and display your firearms. Furniture quality cabinets that fit well in fine households.

Sentry Gun Safes
Sentry Safe company is an industry leader in the business of safes, so you can expect their gun safes to be top notch. The new GM1055 series gun safes are fire rated 10 gun safes. Sentry gun safes provide Security, Protection and Capacity. Sentry gun safes can be purchased at Tractor Supply Company and Walmart. The new ones with the biometric finger lock are really nice, allows you quick access to your pistol in an emergency. They also feature a keypad lock. Keep the guns away from your kids, safely. Sentry Keep It. Safe.

SnapSafe Gun Safes

Winchester Gun Safes
Since 1866 Winchester has been an American gun making legend, yet they also make nice gun safes. Winchester Safes consists of personal electronic safes as well as three gun safe series: the Legacy Series, Legend Series, and Tradition Series. Winchester Safes come with a limited lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship, the warranty also protects against fire and burglary. Winchester’s E-Vault Pistol Safe comes with a 1-year warranty. Winchester safes are also sold at Costco.